Dealing with liars in business

Recently I was getting all stressed out about a guy whom I had entered into a legal contract. Payments due under the contract were always late, promises never kept, very poor communication, excuses for not paying and fake documents being sent to me. I was pissed off, really pissed off. I had had enough of this [...]

Cutting cords with AA Michael doesn’t work

Cutting cords with AA Michael doesn't work as you are making him do all the work while you stay the same. There is a different way and that is to actually choose something different rather than staying in the trauma and drama that everyone lives by.

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Radio Show on

Join the phenomenal Liam Phillips & Andrew Rigg as they talk about a men, sex, relationships & choice on their Gentlemen, Relationships, Choice Radio Show on held weekly at 8am Tuesday AEST. Their interest is in inviting men to a new possibility, with and without women, and to invite women to find the gentleman of her dreams. Their and humour make this a fun & engaging show. No topic is out of bounds.

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Restoration of Communion with Earth

Restores the sense of togetherness, oneness, mutual participation and sharing with the Earth. When the body process is run, it allows you to both gift and receive from the Earth in a totally participative way without any sense of disconnection or separation to and from the Earth. Good for people that feel disconnected to the Earth and their body and for people who have leg & feet ailments. Both nurturing to your body and the Earth at the same time.

Men versus Women – Or is it?

Posting on social media about how bad men and women creates more separation between the genders. I'm sorry, men and women are not equal. We see things differently, we do things differently and we contribute different things. For what reason would we try to create a world were everyone is the same? What if we celebrated the contribution that men and women are to each other? What if we valued and celebrated the differences? What if we could allow men and women to be themselves and not some preconceived ideal?

What do you know?

Have you ever had someone say to, "what do you know?" Have you taken it as an affront? Or have you taken it as an invitation? Often when someone says that to you, they are attempting to diminish you in some way. However, when used appropriately, it is actually an invitation for you to step into your knowing and not rely upon the opinions of others. How does it get any better than this?

Consciously addressing Arthritis

There are over 100 types of arthritis and arthritis-related problems that cause a lot of pain for people, with the most common one's being osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout. They are debilitating diseases. Both orthodox medicine and alternative medicine try their best to address to diseases but, ultimately, are dealing with the symptoms only. Access Consciousness® offers three types of tools that allow a new possibility to show up with arthritis. These tools are: Access Bars®, body processes and verbal facilitation. I invite you to investigate how Access can assist in consciously addressing arthritis.

What if you could undo the effects of radiation with ease?

What if you could undo the effects of radiation with total ease? Access Consciousness offers a body process that can do just that. Imagine being able to undo the affects on the body of nuclear disasters, radiation therapy, working in the nuclear industry, mining or simply being in a radiographer where you are exposed to radiation on a daily basis. Look no further. This body process can do just that and, if you combine it with other body processes, you may just enable further possibilities in someone's life.

Can holding someone’s head improve their relationships?

What if you could improve someone's relationship by simply holding their head? You can by running their Bars, an easy, simply and effective technique that can not only improve your relationship but also have dramatic effects throughout your entire life, living and reality.

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What if you could undo the seriousness & heaviness of this reality?

What if the heaviness and seriousness from which people operate was not real? What if it was simply a way of fitting an enormous being into a small space? What if it could all be changed with total ease? Well, it can. Here is a simple Access Consciousness® body process that assists in undoing all of that and more. It doesn't matter where or when you bought into it all, this body process simply begins the process of allowing you to have the freedom you've always thought was possible but was never able to achieve. How does it get any better than that?

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