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Monthly Archives: June 2014


Reciprocating Dimensionalities

Book of Session Have you ever had a body issue that never truly goes away? You think you've dealt with it but then it comes back. You deal with it and then it comes back. Unfortunately, these issues can be from a totally different reality and, as such, just dealing with it here in [...]

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The Crazy Phrase

Is there a monkey inside your head, madly pedaling his bicycle and running your mind?  Do you find yourself thinking the same thoughts again and again and again, with no “off” switch?  Where is the alt/control/delete for your mind when you need it? A simple tool from Access Consciousness® can stop all that.  It’s [...]

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Stressed? Is it time to get your Bars run?

Some days are just like this. Perhaps she requires her Bars® to be run? Book a Session We've all had those days where we've been stressed to the max. We've come home from work not in a good state and our partner says something to us and we let loose. Wow, [...]

Happiness is just a Choice

Have you ever caught yourself thinking that you'll be happy when you get married? You'll be happy when your case is resolved? You'll be happy when you retire? You'll be happy when you win the lottery? If you are thinking any of these, or something similar, you are not choosing to be happy; you [...]

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Judgment – The Ultimate Killer of Possibilities

From the moment we are born, we are encouraged to use judgment in every aspect of our lives. We are encouraged to use it with friends, with family, with money, with work and everywhere else. We are told that if we don't judge, we'll be hurt, we'll lose out or we won't get that [...]

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What’s with all the questions?

Wondering why we ask all these questions in Access Consciousness®? Confused by what it all means? Well, let me decipher it all for you. Perhaps one day - today? - you'll see the value of asking questions and not seeking an answer. Another of the basic concepts of Access Consciousness® is to be the [...]

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What is energy, space and consciousness?

Another of the core ideas of Access Consciousness® is that everything is a form of energy, space and consciousness. In this post, I'll explore what these three things are and how you can use it to generate the life you'd truly desire. What is energy? Physics explains energy as E = mc2. Cool huh? Really, [...]

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Curing the Incurable

Liam Phillips, in his book Curing the Incurable: Creating Health with Ease, writes about a time in his life where he was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis that took him on a journey from his death bed to a life of certainty and fun. From the back cover At a weight of less than 50 kg, [...]

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What is an infinite being?

An infinite being has the ability to change anything, to create anything, to be anything, to know anything and to choose anything. You can change something that is not working for you into something that works for you. You can create anything and also uncreate anything. You can be anything at any given moment and not be limited by any preconceived ideas. You have the ability to know anything - by asking a question, you allow the universe to show you what is required. You can choose anything, including all the good, bad and ugly in your life. Your point of view creates your reality. You’re an infinite being limited only by your points of view.

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