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Which would you prefer, abundance or wealth?  Read below to find out.

What is abundance?

Abundance is often considered to be something desired, something to seek, and something that everyone should desire.  But when you really look at what abundance is, is it really what you’d like to have in your life?

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So, when looking at the actual definition of the word abundance, it means “fullness”, “plenty” and “to overflow”.  Sounds great, doesn’t it? But is it really that great? Is it something to be really be desired?

Ok, so you could have an abundance of money.  An abundance of gold.  An abundance of clients.  That all sounds pretty cool.  What else could you have an abundance of?  You could have an abundance of bills.  You could have an abundance of trauma, drama, pain and suffering in your life.  You could have an abundance of poverty.  You could have an abundance of disease.  You could have an abundance of pollution.

Abundance now doesn’t look so good now, does it?  When you use the abundance, the universe doesn’t actually care what you mean by it.  The universe looks at the energy, the energy of the word that you’re using. The universe, itself, has an infinite supply available of energy and will provide to you that which you ask for.  So, you ask for abundance, meditate upon abundance and pray for abundance but continually focus on the difficulties within your relationship, you’ll get an abundance of relationship difficulties. Cool, eh? You’re getting what you asked for.

What is wealth?

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Wealth is often not looked at.  It is something desired but not often analysed as to what it actually is.  When looking at the definition of the word wealth, it means “happiness” and “prosperity in abundance of possessions and riches.”  Now, that sounds more like what I’m after. Wow, that’s so cool! I’d like more of that.

Again, the universe doesn’t actually care what you mean by wealth. When you ask for wealth, meditate on wealth and pray for wealth, that’s exactly what you’re going to get.  Notice that with wealth, the definition of abundance has been refined to be possessions and riches.  How cool is that?

So, which would you choose?  Abundance?  Wealth?  Its up to you.  The universe will provide exactly what you ask for.

Have fun and enjoy the ride.