Last year, I developed a red lump on my finger that wouldn’t heal for many weeks. I was asking all sorts of ACCESS questions and running ACCESS body processes but the condition didn’t improve. One day, I realised that my point of view was “there was something WRONG with my finger” – that the lump should not be there and it must go away. When I changed that point of view, things started to change. Here is the story.


Lump starting to change in December 2013 after changing points of view

Around October last year, the base of the nail bed on my 3rd finger on my right hand swelled up and developed a lump. It was red and had rather an unpleasant look. I didn’t like the look of it. It was ugly. It wasn’t painful but there was a discomfort associated with it. I was asking questions like “Is this mine?” and “How did I create this?” and running “cellular memory”. I also asked if my body would like to see a doctor and each time I got a “No”. I kept squashing the ugly lump to make it appear smaller. That caused my nail to become distorted.

The condition didn’t get worse but didn’t improve either for many weeks. Then one morning in December, I was listening to one of the telecalls by an ACCESS facilitator, Not Doctor Liam Phillips. Not Doctor Liam said “What if your disease was not a wrongness?” What if your disease was not a wrongness? Only then I realised that I had a point of view that “There was something wrong with my finger”. I was asking ACCESS questions but the underlying point of view I had was “There was something WRONG with my finger”. So I asked “What if the condition of my finger was not a wrongness?”. The red lump on my finger and distorted nail no longer looked ugly to me. The body was going through some changes and there was nothing wrong with it.

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That very evening, some changes started to take place on my finger. The red swelling subsided and the lump became smaller. It took another 3 months for the lump to disappear completely but that was fine by me. I am grateful to Not Doctor Liam and to amazing ACCESS tools and questions!

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