As a young kid, our parents were everything to us. They were our whole world. They taught us everything we knew, even from our very first day of this beautiful planet. We saw that there was absolutely no separation between us and our parents. Consequently, everything that our parents were, we duplicated by the age of two years. All their thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes, and everything else about them became a part of us. We, in effect, became an amalgamation of them in our particular way. Whatever the reason, we chose these people to be our parents and they chose us.

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What does this have to with the topic of bought points of view?

So, if by the time we’re two years we have duplicated everything about these people, then we have bought all of their points of view as right, true and correct. It actually doesn’t matter what the points of view are; we’ve bought it all, hook, line and sinker. We’re really cool, aren’t we?

However, there are other places where we buy points of view as right, true and correct. There’s our siblings, grandparents, friends, the media, religion, school, workplace and a myriad of other places where we buy points of view.

Having bought all these points of view as right, true and correct can make it difficult to change it. Well, we bought it as right, true and correct because our parents told us it was, an authority figure told us it was, we read it in some authoritative article, or some other place. It doesn’t matter where we got it from, the point is the same, it’s a bought point of view.

Examples of bought points of view

Examples of bought points of view and the possible effect that they may have:

Point of View Possible Effect
Money doesn’t grow on trees You can’t grow fruit trees and make money from that
All men are bastards You only attract men that are bastards into your life
She’s the most wonderful woman on the planet You can’t see when she’s not being wonderful
Sex is a sin You can’t enjoy sex because it’s wrong
I always tell the truth You can’t see when you’re lying to yourself


These are just some bought points of view and the effect may be something totally different for you. However, the point is that a point of view does have an affect on you, your life, your living and your reality. It is never the other way round that your reality creates your point of view.

What can you do about bought points of view?

You don’t have to do anything about bought points of view if you don’t wish or they are working for you. However, if you truly wish to have the freedom in life that you desire, then it may be time to start looking at what your points of view about life actually are.

One of the greatest tools that I’ve come across is that when a point of view comes up, simply state:

“Interesting point of view that I have that point of view. And who’s point of view is it anyway.”

This is actually one of the major tools of Access Consciousness®. Over time, it allows you to have your own point of view and to find out what is actually true for you. It may be difficult in the beginning – an interesting point of view – or it may be easy for you.

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It doesn’t matter whether the point of view is right, true and correct or wrong, bad, awful or mean, it is all just a point of view. If you’re walking down the street and you see a pretty girl – is that a point of view? Yes. If you’re in the theatre watching some play and you hate it – is that a point of view? Yes. If you’re having an argument with someone about a ‘truth’ in the bible – is that a point of view? Yes. If you’re a woman in a relationship with a man but you have a point of view that all men are bastards, would that create difficulty in your life? Yes. What if you had a son in this relationship? Is it possible that he’ll grow up to be a man who is a bastard to women? If you’re trying to create an avocado farm and its just not working out, is it possible that you have a point of view that money doesn’t grow on trees? Yes. All of them are points of view.

What if everything was just an interesting point of view? What effect would that have on your life, living, reality and money flows? Would it create more for you or less?

Free Audio

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You can also download these processes for your later use.

As always and to get the full benefit of these processes, we recommend having your Bars run by your local Bars Facilitator.


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