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Restoration of Communion with Earth

Restores the sense of togetherness, oneness, mutual participation and sharing with the Earth. When the body process is run, it allows you to both gift and receive from the Earth in a totally participative way without any sense of disconnection or separation to and from the Earth. Good for people that feel disconnected to the Earth and their body and for people who have leg & feet ailments. Both nurturing to your body and the Earth at the same time.

Consciously addressing Arthritis

There are over 100 types of arthritis and arthritis-related problems that cause a lot of pain for people, with the most common one's being osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout. They are debilitating diseases. Both orthodox medicine and alternative medicine try their best to address to diseases but, ultimately, are dealing with the symptoms only. Access Consciousness® offers three types of tools that allow a new possibility to show up with arthritis. These tools are: Access Bars®, body processes and verbal facilitation. I invite you to investigate how Access can assist in consciously addressing arthritis.

What if you could undo the effects of radiation with ease?

What if you could undo the effects of radiation with total ease? Access Consciousness offers a body process that can do just that. Imagine being able to undo the affects on the body of nuclear disasters, radiation therapy, working in the nuclear industry, mining or simply being in a radiographer where you are exposed to radiation on a daily basis. Look no further. This body process can do just that and, if you combine it with other body processes, you may just enable further possibilities in someone's life.

What if you could undo the seriousness & heaviness of this reality?

What if the heaviness and seriousness from which people operate was not real? What if it was simply a way of fitting an enormous being into a small space? What if it could all be changed with total ease? Well, it can. Here is a simple Access Consciousness® body process that assists in undoing all of that and more. It doesn't matter where or when you bought into it all, this body process simply begins the process of allowing you to have the freedom you've always thought was possible but was never able to achieve. How does it get any better than that?

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What if you could create your life and body from choice?

Book a Session When I ask this question, people often respond with "But, I am!" People assume that because they have chosen their job, partner or life that they are choosing to create their life. However, this is not what I mean. What I mean when I ask this question is if you were [...]

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Reciprocating Dimensionalities

Book of Session Have you ever had a body issue that never truly goes away? You think you've dealt with it but then it comes back. You deal with it and then it comes back. Unfortunately, these issues can be from a totally different reality and, as such, just dealing with it here in [...]

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Stressed? Is it time to get your Bars run?

Some days are just like this. Perhaps she requires her Bars® to be run? Book a Session We've all had those days where we've been stressed to the max. We've come home from work not in a good state and our partner says something to us and we let loose. Wow, [...]

Curing the Incurable

Liam Phillips, in his book Curing the Incurable: Creating Health with Ease, writes about a time in his life where he was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis that took him on a journey from his death bed to a life of certainty and fun. From the back cover At a weight of less than 50 kg, [...]

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Square Root of Minus One

Book a Session In mathematics, the square root of minus 1 is an imaginary number as opposed to a real number, such as positive 1. But I'm not writing about maths here, I'm writing about a phenomenal Access Consciousness® Body Process that can unlock the imaginary places within the body. Yes, imaginary places. Remember, [...]

Demolecular Manifestation and Molecular Demanifestation

Book a Session Try saying that ten times in a row. A mouthful, eh? Anyway, this isn't about whether you can say some exotic tongue twister; it's about creating something new or uncreating something that shouldn't be there. What is Demolecular Manifestation and Molecular Demanifestation? Demolecular Manifestation and Molecular Demanifestation (DMMD) is an Access [...]