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Dealing with liars in business

Recently I was getting all stressed out about a guy whom I had entered into a legal contract. Payments due under the contract were always late, promises never kept, very poor communication, excuses for not paying and fake documents being sent to me. I was pissed off, really pissed off. I had had enough of this [...]

Men versus Women – Or is it?

Posting on social media about how bad men and women creates more separation between the genders. I'm sorry, men and women are not equal. We see things differently, we do things differently and we contribute different things. For what reason would we try to create a world were everyone is the same? What if we celebrated the contribution that men and women are to each other? What if we valued and celebrated the differences? What if we could allow men and women to be themselves and not some preconceived ideal?

What do you know?

Have you ever had someone say to, "what do you know?" Have you taken it as an affront? Or have you taken it as an invitation? Often when someone says that to you, they are attempting to diminish you in some way. However, when used appropriately, it is actually an invitation for you to step into your knowing and not rely upon the opinions of others. How does it get any better than this?

Consciously addressing Arthritis

There are over 100 types of arthritis and arthritis-related problems that cause a lot of pain for people, with the most common one's being osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout. They are debilitating diseases. Both orthodox medicine and alternative medicine try their best to address to diseases but, ultimately, are dealing with the symptoms only. Access Consciousness® offers three types of tools that allow a new possibility to show up with arthritis. These tools are: Access Bars®, body processes and verbal facilitation. I invite you to investigate how Access can assist in consciously addressing arthritis.

Ninety Eight Percent

What if there was an easy way of dealing with ninety eight percent of all of the stuff that bothers you? What if none of it was yours? What if 98% of the thoughts, feelings, emotions and pain where not yours? What if there was an easy way of dealing with it simply by asking a question? The question gives an awareness. You are then free to choose what to do. How does that sound?

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Choice – the Key to Changing Everything

Choice is the key to changing everything. A tool only gets you so far as you still have to make a choice to change what is not working for you. You always have choice whether you realise it or not. There are also big choices and little choices to consider. What choice are you refusing to make that would change everything? Choose now!

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The Crazy Phrase

Is there a monkey inside your head, madly pedaling his bicycle and running your mind?  Do you find yourself thinking the same thoughts again and again and again, with no “off” switch?  Where is the alt/control/delete for your mind when you need it? A simple tool from Access Consciousness® can stop all that.  It’s [...]

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Happiness is just a Choice

Have you ever caught yourself thinking that you'll be happy when you get married? You'll be happy when your case is resolved? You'll be happy when you retire? You'll be happy when you win the lottery? If you are thinking any of these, or something similar, you are not choosing to be happy; you [...]

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Judgment – The Ultimate Killer of Possibilities

From the moment we are born, we are encouraged to use judgment in every aspect of our lives. We are encouraged to use it with friends, with family, with money, with work and everywhere else. We are told that if we don't judge, we'll be hurt, we'll lose out or we won't get that [...]

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What’s with all the questions?

Wondering why we ask all these questions in Access Consciousness®? Confused by what it all means? Well, let me decipher it all for you. Perhaps one day - today? - you'll see the value of asking questions and not seeking an answer. Another of the basic concepts of Access Consciousness® is to be the [...]

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