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Cutting cords with AA Michael doesn’t work

Cutting cords with AA Michael doesn't work as you are making him do all the work while you stay the same. There is a different way and that is to actually choose something different rather than staying in the trauma and drama that everyone lives by.

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Radio Show on

Join the phenomenal Liam Phillips & Andrew Rigg as they talk about a men, sex, relationships & choice on their Gentlemen, Relationships, Choice Radio Show on held weekly at 8am Tuesday AEST. Their interest is in inviting men to a new possibility, with and without women, and to invite women to find the gentleman of her dreams. Their and humour make this a fun & engaging show. No topic is out of bounds.

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Men versus Women – Or is it?

Posting on social media about how bad men and women creates more separation between the genders. I'm sorry, men and women are not equal. We see things differently, we do things differently and we contribute different things. For what reason would we try to create a world were everyone is the same? What if we celebrated the contribution that men and women are to each other? What if we valued and celebrated the differences? What if we could allow men and women to be themselves and not some preconceived ideal?

Can holding someone’s head improve their relationships?

What if you could improve someone's relationship by simply holding their head? You can by running their Bars, an easy, simply and effective technique that can not only improve your relationship but also have dramatic effects throughout your entire life, living and reality.

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Would an infinite being truly choose this?

One of the tools in Access Consciousness® is, "would an infinite being truly choose this? If not, then why am I?" This is actually one of the 10 commandments of Access. It's a tool that, when you choose to use it diligently, can change your entire life. You can apply the tool to any [...]

Still Waiting For The Right Person To Show Up?

We deal with points of view and have the opinion that your points of view create your reality. With that in mind, when a person is still looking for the right person to show up, there are points of view in place that are not allowing that person, who is right for you, to [...]

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Andrew’s Relationship Story

My First Relationship During my life, I've had four major relationships with women. My first relationship was at high school when I was 18 year old and I got involved with a young woman. In the beginning, everything was great, we'd laugh and talk and generally have a great time together. However, I was [...]

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A New Possibility With Relationship

There is an element of relationship about everything. We see ourselves in relationship to everything in the universe, to our body, to our partner, to our children, to our house, to our work colleagues, to everything. There is nothing for which you do not have a relationship. Where are we at with relationship? All [...]

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