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Cellular Memory is an Access Consciousness® Body Process that is used to reverse the effects of physical trauma and scar tissue on the body. Like all the Access Body Processes, it is very gentle and requires only light touch, without pressure or manipulation of any kind.

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What can you use Cellular Memory for?

When you have an injury or suffer some trauma, the memory of that trauma is locked into the body. Each time you experience circumstances similar to those that created the trauma, the body re-activates it thus creating intensity or pain in the affected area. Its as if you haven’t actually recovered from the trauma.

For instance, say you had an accident that resulted in strain to your knee. In the background was playing Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 3. Years later you hear the same music and your knee starts playing up. This is an example of Cellular Memory in action. The cells remember the trauma and the associated circumstances.

Another example would be when you accidentally cut yourself with a particular knife. Now that knife has no part in the cellular memory except that when you pick up that knife, you cut yourself with it more often than other knives.

What’s actually happening here is you have locked into the cells of your body the point of view that when similar circumstances arise, you’ll re-injure yourself. It has the effect of inhibiting the cells from doing what they are supposed to do as they are ‘waiting’ for the circumstances to arise so that they can now do what you’ve locked into them. How cool is that?

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When you have surgery, whether it be major or minor, there is trauma caused to the body by that surgery which can leave scar tissue. The scar tissue is holding onto the trauma. By utilising Cellular Memory, the scar tissue can subside.

Cellular Memory is an incredibly dynamic process and can create seeming miracles when you allow the body to heal.

My personal experience with Cellular Memory

Over the years of learning more and more about Access Consciousness®, I’ve had to receive facilitation from someone when I’ve created some trauma that I’ve locked into my body. I’ve not had any surgery as such but there has certainly been cuts, bruises and other injuries caused by my unawareness at the time. Simple little things like paper cuts heal very quickly when Cellular Memory is applied readily.

Animals also readily accept Cellular Memory to assist them to recover from trauma.

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Free Audio

Below are some free audio associated with cellular memory:

You may also download these processes for your later use.

As always and to get the full benefit of these processes, we recommend having your Bars run by your local Bars Facilitator.

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