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When I ask this question, people often respond with “But, I am!” People assume that because they have chosen their job, partner or life that they are choosing to create their life. However, this is not what I mean. What I mean when I ask this question is if you were choosing your life, for what reason are you having the same life as your parents, siblings, partner or whomever?

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An Infinite Being’s Capacities

We, as infinite beings, have huge capacity to perceive, know, be and receive anything and everything. However, as we have these capacities, we often have difficulty in choosing what to do with our lives. Consequently, we mimic another’s life in the hope that it will work for us. For a little while, it does work for us until something goes wrong, we get bored or we’ve had enough of living like that. We then mimic another’s life again in the hope that it will work for us. And so on and so forth. We continue ad infinitum until we can’t stand it any longer and we must actually start to choose for ourselves, choose the life that we’d like to have.

It might be that we do choose a life that is similar to our parents, siblings etc. But until we actually look, until we actually have the willingness to acknowledge what we’re creating, we can’t make a different choice.


What about this mimic thing?

When we mimic another person’s reality, we take on all their points of view about life. We’re really good at that. We’re totally non-discriminatory. We take on all their good points of view, their bad points of view and their really ugly points of view. Well, from an infinite being’s perspective, they’re just points of view and they don’t mean anything.

But then, here’s the sticking point. When we do take on their points of view – when we mimic their points of view – we get stuck with them. We create our life and our body just like the person from whom we mimicked. We lock it all into our body trying to understand the other person. Cool, eh? Er, no, not really. We try to live like the other person but it just doesn’t work. We try to figure out how to fix it but we can’t as the points of view aren’t ours. By this time, we’ve become so stuck, so entrenched, so entrained with these points of view that it’s very difficult to change them. We begin to believe that we really are fucked up. Really, are we that fucked up?

How could an infinite being be that fucked up if s/he mimicked all those points of view? They’re not ours in the first place. So, we’re not as fucked up as we think we are.

Now, to mimic is to imitate another. Insects do it incredibly well both as a form of defense and offense. But we’re not insects, are we?

How to undo the mimicking?

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Gary Douglas, the Founder of Access Consciousness®, and Dr Dain Heer have discovered a body process that undoes the mimicking that infinite beings have perpetrated upon themselves for a millennia. The body process is called “Elimination, Eradication & Dissipation of Biomimetic Mimicry of Other People’s Pains, Pathways & Realities” (aka BMM). Just from the name of the body process, you can see that its designed to undo what we have mimicked from other people. It includes other people’s pains, pathways and realities. How does it get any better than that?

The effects of mimicking other people

When we mimic other people, we mimic three major parts: their pains, pathways and realities.

We mimic people’s pains in an effort to understand them. Well, this is how to live life here on this planet. People in pain get something, whether it be attention, sympathy, money from the government, or something else. They get something out of it.

We also mimic other people’s pathways. What’s a pathway? A pathway is a person’s way of doing or achieving something. As we’ve mimicked every part of a person, we tend to do things their way. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work for an infinite being as an infinite being can see that something can be achieved in numerous ways, not just one.

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We also mimic other people’s realities. Hey, we’ve mimicked so much already, why not mimic their whole reality? Not really the best idea we’ve had but this is what we do. When we mimic another’s reality, we cut off all awareness of what we’d like to have as our life, become the effect of their reality and are unable to create our reality.

How to be totally free of other people’s stuff?

To be totally free of other people’s stuff and have the ability to create your own life as you would like it to be, you would require the BMM process to be run multiple times. As to how many, I cannot tell you as its purely individual. Some people may require ten sessions. Other people may require a lot more sessions. As with anything in Access, you just keep going until it no longer appears.

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