I was sitting in the car with Eri tonight and asked her,”what else can we write about?” She wasn’t sure at that time. An awareness popped into my head and I asked Eri another question, “do people actually get what creating a new possibility with your body actually means?” It was a clear NO from both of us.

One of the basic tenets of Access Consciousness® is that your point of view creates your reality. What this means is that everything, literally everything, that is showing up in your life is created by you and your points of view. You’re not a victim of any circumstance, you’re powerful enough to create all the good, the bad and the ugly that is showing up in your life.

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What does this mean with the body?

With the body, this means that every illness, every disease, every injury you have experienced or are experiencing are created by you in some way with your points of view. If you are powerful enough to create the illness, then you are also powerful to uncreate it. How cool is that?

You might say that s/he sneezed on me and that’s why I have a cold. Really? Can an infinite being really be affected by a sneeze? Or have you bought into the idea that being sneezed on will create a cold? This is, in fact, a limitation that you’re placing on your body.

Limiting the Body

For eons, we have been taught that we’re victims of some circumstance and that’s why we have this illness or that illness. Honestly, when you look at it, there are people that get exposed to the same circumstance but are unaffected by it and, thus, do not have the illness. Why is that? Is there something special about them? In a sense, yes, there is something special about them, they have not bought into the reality that the circumstance will create the illness. They simply have a different point of view. That’s what makes them special.

When you limit your body with your points of view, a whole lot of undesirable things can begin to show up. For instance, if you must eat only healthy foods, what happens when you eat a cake? Do you get sick? If yes, then you have created a limitation with the body. The body should be able to enjoy with cake without any ill effects.

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What if you’re prone to being physically cold? Would you only be able to live in warm climates? That again is a limitation of the body as a body should be able to live virtually anywhere with relative ease.

What if you don’t like to exercise? Would you be creating a limitation of the body? Yes, the body enjoys movement, enjoys the whole sensation, enjoys the sweat, but with that point of view, you create the body as sluggish. That sluggishness may also manifest as a sluggish digestion. How cool is that to create such a limitation? How cool would it be to uncreate the limitation?

Creating a new possibility with the body

Creating a new possibility with the body is, in effect, creating a different point view that allows something different to show up. It does not mean that you’ll grow a new limb, a third nipple or vulcan ears or anything like that. It simply means that you allow your body to show up in a different way.

So, rather than getting sick from eating cake, you can enjoy it. Rather than creating your body as sluggish, you can enjoy movement, enjoy the dance. Rather than being cold all of the time, perhaps you could enjoy the cold.

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But wait, there’s more.

What if your body could be totally different to how its been showing up? What does that actually mean? Well, say, you have have been injured in some accident. What’s showing up is the pain, the tenderness, the intensity of where the injury has occurred. You’ve been told by someone that it’ll never heal properly and that you’ll always have some recurrence of pain, trauma or discomfort. Now, that’s an interesting point of view, isn’t it? What if you dumped that point of view and allowed your body to heal itself? Would that be a different possibility? Yes, of course, it is. It’s so different to what’s been created, what’s being created and what will be created. It’s so different that a new possibility can show up.

None of it is your guardian angel looking after you, its not a miracle, its not any sort of outside force. It’s simply that you changed your point of view and allowed your body to heal itself. It’s you. That’s how powerful you are.

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