Liam Phillips, in his book Curing the Incurable: Creating Health with Ease, writes about a time in his life where he was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis that took him on a journey from his death bed to a life of certainty and fun.

From the back cover

At a weight of less than 50 kg, a large bag bursting with medication and a lunch box of specially prepared meals Liam dragged his body to England to say a final farewell to family. It was there after two years of pain, suffering and gory that he found Access Consciousness®. Within three weeks of receiving a body session called the “Bars” and using simple Access tools that his body started a miraculous change.

This is an easy read, filled with humour, tons of easy to use tools and insights based on real, every day events. This book is unlike any other you have read on healing.  It provides no answer, form or structure. What it does ask is a lot of questions to help you overcome the limitations of your mind and provide you with tools to do this. This book has the potential to change anybody whether in dis-ease or not and provide insights for parents, carers and professionals alike.

Back from the brink Liam is now choosing to relate this miracle of consciousness to others with the aim of providing assistance to those who are willing and ready to change their life of disease to a life of ease, joy and glory.

Curing The Incurable - BOOK


Liam has a talent for writing about his experiences with dis-ease and illness. His light-hearted approach to writing and life is fun and easy. He thoroughly covers his ups and downs in the book and his willingness to truly look at what he was creating with his body. The Access tools that he describes in the book are easy to use and apply for anyone, with or without a chronic illness.

Having known Liam for about five years now, he has shared how he overcame his illness with the following five elements: courage, humour, walking with your body, not being distracted and the willingness to create a phenomenal life. Liam truly is a wondrous creator of magic with bodies and I feel honoured to know him.

An Amazon Review

As an Amazon reviewer has stated:

I don’t know what I expected from this book. I was looking for something different in terms of dealing with chronic illness, and yes, this book is! The author’s breezey style kind of grew on me. A lot of it is autobiographical which in this type of book is unavoidable and still be authentic.

Video from Liam Phillips

In this short but inspiring video, Liam asks whether a life without dis-ease is possible.


As Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness®, states:

When people choose consciousness, healing is possible.

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You can find out more about Liam Phillips, his journey and what he’s doing at now as his website.

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