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I used to be an avid cutter of cords, with the assistance of Archangel Michael (hereinafter: AA Michael). I would do it all the time with everyone. I would cut cords with people whom I had had a difficulty, cut cords with people whom I was starting a friendship with (so that it could be fresh and not based on some past idea), cut cords with people who I was in relationship as I didn’t wish to be bound to them nor them to me. I was calling on AA Michael every time – I did keep him busy. 

And then, suddenly, I stopped doing it. I began to see it for what it was. I was still getting pissed off at people, still having dramas with people and it was all happening again and again. So, I had to repeatedly cut the cords. It was, however, like it was a bandaid and not an actual change. I was using AA Michael as a crutch. I was getting him to do all the work without me actually changing things.

That was no longer working for me so began looking for tools that would actually change things. I began to realise that if I actually changed me, my point of view, I would not need to cut cords. I could just change my point of view about someone or something and then there was no longer any trauma and drama. Life actually began to get easier.

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I also realised that I had made AA Michael greater than me and, consequently, I had made him a slave to my wishes. When you make someone or something greater than you, they have to then do your bidding. It’s like being back in the middle ages and you had a dispute with someone. If you couldn’t resolve it, you would approach the king to solve it for you. Once the king had solved it, you were then free to create another problem for the king to solve. When you realise that nothing is greater than you, you then have to ‘own’ all your shit and solve it yourself. Of course, you can still ask the king for assistance but it would then be from a totally different point of view. No longer is it, “I’m so pathetic, can you help me?” It is more like, “I have this problem, I can see a few ways out of it and here they are. Which one would create more for me, more for the other and more for you?”

Of course, I can still create an upset with someone, then get AA Michael to cut cords. And create another upset and get AA Michael to cut the cord. And so on. Whenever I this, I never realised that all I actually had to do was change my point of view. And, never in this time did I realise that I didn’t have to create upset with people. It was just the thing to do. This is what you did. This is how you got things done. This is how you created a change. 

In fact, none of it created any change. All it did was create more of the same in thousands of different ways. I began to realise that it was stupid to do it like this. I desired actual change, not just a bandaid so I could create it again in another way. I didn’t wish to make anyone or anything greater than me anymore. 

I choose to look for a different way of doing things. I tried a few methods such as Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT), Thought Field Therapy (TFT), various other spiritual techniques but they all resulted in the same thing. I no longer desired the bandaid.

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While I kept searching, a friend introduced me to Access Consciousness® (hereinafter: Access). Now that’s when things really started to change. Through Access, I realised that changing my point of view was actually easy. It was as simple as brushing my teeth. Over time, I learnt the various way of changing one’s point of view. And, I learnt that whatever crap was occurring in my life was because I was choosing it.

Fuck, if I was choosing it, then I could choose something else. I learnt that choice was superior to any sort of processing, tool, meditation, psychological therapy, spiritual technique and getting AA Michael to cut cords. 

If you actually desire change, then choose something different. It might take a little while in the beginning to get used to it but, overtime, choosing something different will become second nature.