Recently I was getting all stressed out about a guy whom I had entered into a legal contract. Payments due under the contract were always late, promises never kept, very poor communication, excuses for not paying and fake documents being sent to me. I was pissed off, really pissed off. I had had enough of this crap with this guy. This was costing me money.

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I was at my wits end. I was getting nowhere with this guy. Eri and I were discussing what to do and asking questions. We kept asking, “How can this turn out far greater than we ever imagined?” and “What would it take for this to be resolved with total ease?” We were seeking legal advice, starting the process of debt recovery and had initiated termination of the contract. Not much was happening.

I contact my dear friend, Liam Phillips, over Skype and sought facilitation from him about all of this. He called me soon after and opened our conversation with “Welcome to Prat Busters. How can I help you today?” That made me laugh and my mood lightened immediately. I love that about Liam. He can take the piss out of anything without any point of view about any of it and lighten one’s mood. How did I get so lucky to have Liam in my life?

When people lie to you, there is always an instant rise in anger. According to one school of thought, the only time you are justified in getting angry is when someone lies to you. I was angry; angry at this prat and angry at myself for agreeing to enter into a contract with him in the first place. Eri, who has quite a bit of experience with dealing with liars, was telling me that people who are compulsive liars have a capacity to draw you into their web. You get sucked into it. You know what’s being said to you is a lie but that web seems to envelope you. If you get really sucked into the web of lies, in extreme cases, you might even defend the liar. Yes, I’ve been there and done that. Cute but not bright. Oh well.

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Anyway, throughout the course of the facilitation, it became clear that I had been unwilling to receive people who lie. When you’re unwilling to receive someone totally, regardless of who they are, you have to resist and react to them. You also cut off your awareness about them. When those things occur, you’ve lost the game and the liar has the power. However, when you receive the liar totally, you’re still in control and they have no power over you. You have total awareness about what’s going and you have choice as to where to go next. Once I had that awareness, things started to change. I felt empowered and in charge of where to go next.

During the facilitation, the phone rang. I ignored it. At the end of facilitation, I returned the phone call. A guy on the other side of the phone said that he’s willing to take over the contract. Wow! After a 20 minute facilitation session, that happened. How does it get any better than that? Within two hours, Eri and I were on our way to the new guy’s house, the contracts were signed, sealed and delivered correctly and he paid up straight away.

I’m so extremely grateful for Liam and his facilitation, for the liar (he showed me something I was unwilling to receive), the new guy, Eri for her wonderful awareness, and the universe for opening up a new possibility for me. I’m also grateful for me. I asked a question and followed the energy. That’s how things can turn out far greater than you can imagine.