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Try saying that ten times in a row. A mouthful, eh? Anyway, this isn’t about whether you can say some exotic tongue twister; it’s about creating something new or uncreating something that shouldn’t be there.

What is Demolecular Manifestation and Molecular Demanifestation?

Demolecular Manifestation and Molecular Demanifestation (DMMD) is an Access Consciousness® Body Process that is used to create something where it did not exist before and uncreate something which exists. The Demolecular Manifestation part is the creation of something new. The Molecular Demanifestation part is the uncreating.

As Blossom Benedict states:

Both [DM and MD] are accomplished by “talking” to the molecules and asking them to change.  De-molecular manifestation invites the molecules to become what they have not been, so that something which did not exist comes into existence.  Molecular de-manifestation invites the molecules creating something that is not desired, to disappear and become something else.

As an infinite being, you have the ability to create anything. You also have the ability to uncreate anything. In fact, there is nothing that is impossible for an infinite being. All possibilities exist for an infinite being provided you’re willing to have them.

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What can you use Demolecular Manifestation and Molecular Demanifestation for?

Where something is occurring in the body which is not what should be occurring, or not occurring when it should, you can run DMMD of everything that is there and isn’t, and of everything that isn’t there that should be.

Any condition from arthritis to tumors to moles where something extra has grown. Such things as gallstones, polyps or cataracts may also be removed through the use of DMMD. Toxins like heavy metals or drugs (legal or otherwise) may also be removed with DMMD.

Where something required in the body that is not as abundant as it should be. The abundance of things such as vitamins, minerals, hormones or white blood cells may all increase when using DMMD.


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Other uses of Demolecular Manifestation and Molecular Demanifestation

DMMD can be used in a myriad of ways to change a substance into another. No this is not the holy grail of changing lead into gold but that is not out of the realm of possibility.

Some examples of the other uses of DMMD are:

  • changing the flavour of cheap wine to one that tastes like an expensive wine
  • removing additives from tap water
  • changing day-old bread, muffins or donuts to one’s that taste as though they are fresh
  • changing engine oil to one that is more suitable for your car
  • changing acidic water to alkaline water or vice versa

Here’s a little video about the possibilities of DMMD:


Free Audio

Below are some free audio associated with DMMD:

You can also download these processes for your later use.

As always and to get the full benefit of these processes, we recommend having your Bars run by your local Bars Facilitator.


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