Have you ever caught yourself thinking that you’ll be happy when you get married? You’ll be happy when your case is resolved? You’ll be happy when you retire? You’ll be happy when you win the lottery? If you are thinking any of these, or something similar, you are not choosing to be happy; you are choosing to be unhappy.

Happiness is Just a Choice Intro

Why do people choose to be unhappy?

In essence, people choose to be happy because they can. We’re taught from a young age that the way to get what we’d like in life is to be unhappy until you get the thing that you desire and then you express your happiness. We cried as babies, we then got our toy and then were happy (for a little while). We cried again, we got another toy and were happy. The cycle continues throughout our lives. We get upset because we didn’t get the job we desired, some consoles us trying to make us feel better. We feel better for a little while until we find something else to make us unhappy. How cool is that?

We use unhappiness as a way to manipulate others to give us what we desire. We desire sex but don’t get it. We create a problem with our partner. We argue about it. We make up and then have “make up sex.” Yay, we got what we wanted in the first place – the sex. An easier way would be to simply ask for the sex. You don’t need to manipulate someone with unhappiness. You can simply ask for what you desire.

“Happiness is the natural state you choose when you are not choosing against you.”Dr Dain Heer

I was Supposed to be Happy - BOOK

How can you choose to be happy when …?

How can you be happy when there’s poverty in the world? How can you be happy when your mother just left me? How can you be happy when the roses didn’t bloom? How can you be happy when the stock market just crashed?

Yes, there’s thousands of excuses why people choose to be unhappy. It’s an intimate part of this reality to be unhappy. When you are actually happy, people ask, “what drug are you on?” This has the effect of reinforcing the idea that it’s not a good idea to be happy and that you should fit in with the rest of humanity and be unhappy. Wow, that’s an interesting point of view! Sorry, my response to that is to “flip the bird.”

Effects of Happiness and Unhappiness

The table below shows the effects of happiness and unhappiness:

  Unhappiness Happiness
Immune System Lower Higher
Life Expectancy Shorter Longer
Levels of stress-related hormones Higher Lower
Income Lower Higher
Energy levels Lower Higher
Blood pressure Higher Lower
Engagement in Life Lower Higher
Number of Friends Lower Higher
Risk of Heart Disease Higher Lower
Marriage Shorter Longer
Creativity Lower Higher
Libido Lower Higher


It should be fairly clear from the table that choosing happiness is far better for you than the alternative.

Here’s something that should bring a smile to your face… Enjoy!



Choosing to be Happy

You don’t need to drugs to be happy. All that is required is for you to choose – yes, choose – to be happy. That’s it. There’s no secret formula. You don’t need to meditate for years. You don’t need to have a partner or be rich or anything else. Just choose happiness.

The greatest pollutions on planet earth are unhappiness, anger and sadness. What if you could change the world just by being happy? If you get happy, you create possibilities for changing every single thing you see as wrong! Would you be willing to be that contribution to our planet?

Happiness is the choice that can change everything! Far beyond what you can imagine…

“If you could see how amazing you are as a being, as a person, and as a contribution in life, then you would have no excuse for being unhappy.” – Gary Douglas

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