Is it time for a change?

Are you unhappy with your job or relationship? Do you feel tired or do you have pains and aches in your body? Are you unhappy with the way you look? Did any of the above sound familiar? What if YOU could change all that with ease?

Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness®, says “Your points of view about life create your reality”. Reality does not determine your point of view. Your points of view are creating what shows up in your life. The great thing is you have the ability to change your point of view about anything and by simply changing your point of view, your reality and your life will start to show up differently.

Sounds too simple? Are you interested in finding out how?

Let Andrew and Eri show you how to apply the simple and practical tools of Access Consciousness® that you can apply in everyday life to shift any area of your life that isn’t working.

What if having a life that works for you wasn’t about putting in another plug but taking out all of the plugs and allowing a totally different reality to show up for you?

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Intense Relaxation

What if you could release all the past traumas and dramas with ease without having to relive it?

Get Your Bars Run!

The Bars is a simple, non-invasive, energy process designed to release stuckness. Receiving the Bars gives you a sense of peace and a feeling of more possibility and choice. An incredibly dynamic process resulting in intense relaxation that can change your life.

About Bars

For Your Body

Is your body not feeling well? Does it require assistance to get through the stressors of daily life?

Receive Body Processes

Our gorgeous bodies need help sometimes. Perhaps you’ve had an illness, a fall or are looking at a new possibility with your body. The body processes we facilitate can do that and much more. Why not give MTVSS or Cellular Memory a go to see what else is possible with your body.

About Body Processes

Struggling with an issue?

What if you shift whatever was going on in your life ease? What if you required to look at from a different point of view?

Receive Verbal Facilitation

If you have something going on in your life that is not working for you, let’s change it! We assist you to look at the issues from different angles to open up new possibilities for you and your life. What if you always had a choice in a seemingly no choice universe?

About Verbal Facilitation

Abuse Recovery

What if you could recover from physical, emotional, verbal, mental, financial and spiritual abuse with ease? With the techniques that we use, the abuse is released gently without you have to relive it. These techniques are a beautiful way of releasing that locked in abuse enabling you to be freer that you’ve ever been before.


Infinite Possibilities

What if you were able to open up to infinite possibilities? What if by stepping into that, you were able to receive more, be more, have more and begin enjoying life to its fullest? A Symphony of Possibilities session allows for just that, an opening for you to be greater than you’ve ever been before.


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