One of the tools in Access Consciousness® is, “would an infinite being truly choose this? If not, then why am I?” This is actually one of the 10 commandments of Access. It’s a tool that, when you choose to use it diligently, can change your entire life.

You can apply the tool to any aspect of your life to get clear as to what it is you’re actually choosing and then have the capacity to change it to something more fun, greater and expansive. For instance, would an infinite being truly choose a relationship that’s not working? Clearly, the answer is no. However, that only gives you the awareness that an infinite being wouldn’t choose a relationship that’s not working. Now what?

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The key is Acknowledgement

Well, now that you’ve acknowledged that an infinite being wouldn’t choose a relationship that’s not working, you then have the capacity to change it. There’s numerous choices available to you, such as, you could end the relationship, you could seek counselling together or alone, you could choose to live with the person but not be with the person, you could talk to the person telling him/her what’s not working for you and that you’d like something greater, you could have an affair, you invite a third person into your relationship, you could simply move into another room, you could go on a trip alone for a few weeks or months and if things are still not working for you, you can end it, and anything else that you can dream up. You could even choose to leave the relationship as it is. Your choice entirely.

Ok, so what else could you apply the tool too? Literally anything, like your job, your body, any injury, your house, your money flows, your work, your attitudes towards someone or something. The list goes on and on and on. Would an infinite being truly choose lack (of any kind)? Would an infinite being truly choose joy? Would an infinite being truly choose a job that s/he doesn’t like? Would an infinite being truly choose to live in poverty? If you get a “yes” for any of these things, then keep choosing it. However, please be aware of when it is no longer working for you.

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Importance of the Tool

Honestly, I really haven’t gotten the importance of this tool until recently. I was making myself stupid and things just weren’t working for me. Once I realised what I was doing, I started to apply the tool immediately. Right away, I started to feel different, my outlook on life lifted, my whole being started to shimmer with a brilliance I hadn’t “seen” in quite some time. Truly, what else is possible? What even greater possibility can show up?

When you choose to change, the whole universe changes just that little bit more to a greater possibility.

Choice is Supreme

Remember, choice is supreme to any and all tools. You can use whatever tools you have in your toolbox in an attempt to create change but until you actually choose to change, the efforts will be minimal. The tools give you an awareness only. The choice still remains as to whether to change or not. Your choice and only your choice.

One of the capacities of an infinite being is that an infinite being can change anything.  If you’re operating from the point of view that you’re stuck in something, then you are not being an infinite being but are being a finite being.

Universe, thank you for having my back. My dear lady, thank you also for having my back.

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