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I see often on social media sites and hear on the news all the time about how bad men are and how men should be happy about the sacrifices that women make for their men. There is hardly a whisper as to the contribution that men make to the lives of women and their family.

I know that when a woman posts something on social media about how bad men are or the sacrifices that women make for the men, she says it’s just a joke – but is it? I also know that if men post such things on social media about women, there is huge outcry from women. Basically, from what I’ve seen, men are just fucking wrong. No matter what men do, they’re always going to be seen as wrong by women. It’s as if women really don’t like men. If you don’t like men, then please get real and become a lesbian. I really don’t care who you prefer to have sex with. What pisses me off is when women castrate men and that it’s ok to do that. For fucks sake, get over yourself.

I used to work in a place where two supervisors where men and all of their staff where women. The male supervisors spent a lot of their time dealing with the crap, the bitchiness and the backstabbing that the women were perpetrating upon one another. It was total insanity. The men had no idea what to do as the women kept doing it to one another. It’s as if the women liked that reality. For what reason would you like that? It’s stupid, insane and so not helpful to anyone.

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Now, not all women are like this. I am married to wonderful lady who actually likes men. She doesn’t engage in the crap, bitchiness and backstabbing. She sees it as totally pointless. She has actually lost ‘friends’ because she’s not willing to engage that way. I really am grateful for this lady. She is an amazing and phenomenal woman. How did I get so lucky?

Ok, yes, I’m a man. I have a penis. I have a hairy chest. I have a growing bald spot on my head. Who cares? That’s just the “suit” I’m wearing this lifetime. Yes, I know, I’ve been a woman in previous lifetimes. Do I care about that? No.

I don’t engage in the superiority of men over women. I don’t see it that way. I see it as men have their part to contribute and women have their part to contribute. End of story. Neither is superior over the other. Neither is less than the other. We are also not equal. How can we be equal when we contribute different things? We are simply different and contribute in our unique way to the relationship and family.

Yes, I get it that some men are just complete arseholes towards women. I also get it that some women are complete bitches towards men. Would this contribute towards men being four times more likely to commit suicide than women in Australia?

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Please be clear that I have no desire to create separation between men and women. Enough of that has been created already. I have no desire to create angst, anger, hatred, rage or fury between men and women. My desire is to create a world where men and women value each other for who they are and what they contribute to each other. My desire is to create a world where there is no separation between men and women, there is just a recognition of the differences and those differences are celebrated and not the object of derision.

From my point of view, it is not a men versus women thing. It is purely individual. Some men are complete arseholes. Not all men are arseholes. Some women are complete bitches. Not all women are bitches. Please look at the individual.

When you cast something on social media about how bad men are, you are effectively casting all men like that. When you cast something about how bad women are, you are casting all women like that. It’s simply not true.

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Ladies, please stop beating up your man and making him wrong. It’s so not helpful and does not contribute in any way to creating the relationship you’d truly like to have. Be grateful for him and all that he does for you and your family. Please tell him you’re grateful for him. It’s simple, give him a blowjob. Allow him to have time out.

Men, please stop beating up your lady and making her less than you. Its not helpful and doesn’t treat her as a contribution. Treat her as an enormous contribution to you, your life, your relationship and your family. Please tell her that you’re grateful for her. Buy her some flowers just to say thank you for being her any day of the year. Forget┬áValentines Day as she knows you have to do it on that day. Make an amazing dinner for her. If you don’t know how to cook, then learn.

If men and women treated each other like this, what would it create?

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