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There is an element of relationship about everything. We see ourselves in relationship to everything in the universe, to our body, to our partner, to our children, to our house, to our work colleagues, to everything. There is nothing for which you do not have a relationship.

Where are we at with relationship?

All relationships are based upon learned behaviours, specifically from your parents, siblings and friends. These behaviours, or bought points of view, limit what you can have with relationship. These points of view can include:

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  • a man has his role and a woman has her role
  • having make-up sex after an argument
  • relationships are difficult
  • men are ______ [fill in the blank]
  • women are ______ [fill in the blank]
  • it’s okay to lie to your partner
  • acting like your parent rather than being yourself
  • seeking happiness outside of yourself
  • being needy

With points of view such as these, you limit the ease and joy you can have with relationship. You limit the expansive generative capacity of relationship. You limit yourself.

What if you could generate a whole new reality with relationship?

Generating a new possibility with relationship

In exploring relationship, we ask “what relationships would you like to generate in your life?” What would work for you?

  • What if everything you were taught about relationships was NOT true?
  • What if you could generate a brand new relationship with your partner?
  • What would it be like to be grateful for you and your partner?
  • What if everything you ever thought was possible with relationship actually is possible?
  • Is it possible to create a phenomenal relationship?
  • What would your relationship look like if you were totally grateful for each other?
  • How fabulous a relationship are you really willing to have?

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With relationship, what would it be like to have a place of ease with another? And joy? And happiness? And FUN?

What if it was possible to move out of the maintenance of a relationship into the generation of a relationship? Generating your relationship everyday with the person that you’re with.

What is possible with relationship?

With generating a new possibility with relationship, you begin to generate more ease and joy resulting in LESS:

  • conflict and argument
  • stress and tension
  • pain and suffering
  • fear and anxiety
  • worry and despair

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By generating relationship:

  • you begin to realise that you have enormous capacity to nurture yourself and your partner in any way that you choose
  • you open up to new possibilities with your partner
  • you have far better sex
  • you begin to enjoy life in any way that it presents itself
  • you get healthier and feel more alive

How can Andrew assist?

Andrew facilitates people to realise and honour true self in relationship so that they can show up not only for their partner but also for themselves. Andrew provides many tools to offer and guides clients to open up and generate what they’d truly like to have with relationship.

Andrew is available to facilitate singles, couples and groups.

Andrew is an Access Consciousness Bars® Facilitator. He has been taught by Dr Dain Heer, Gary Douglas and Susan Lazar Hart.


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