What if ninety eight percent of all of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and pain were not yours? What if all you had to do was ask a question and you would start to have a freedom that you never thought possible?

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As an infinite being, you are capable to perceiving, knowing, being and receiving anything and everything. You are capable of creating anything, choosing anything, uncreating anything and changing anything. You may not feel like you have those capacities but you do. You have always had all of those capacities and you always will have all of those capacities. There is absolutely nothing that can deny that.

However, as you are capable of choosing anything, you can choose to not utilise those capacities or even use those capacities against yourself. Cool, eh? Smart but not bright. I’ve done it, Eri does it. We’re getting much better at not doing that but certainly there are times when we still do it. Do we care? No, we have no judgment of it whatsoever. And even if we do, we deal with it appropriately.

The point here is that if you can perceive anything, then you are capable of perceiving the thoughts, feelings, emotions and pain of other people. The person doesn’t have to be in the same room as you, the same street or same town. The person could be anywhere on the beautiful planet. In fact, you can perceive this stuff from virtually anyone across the planet.

You have a few options to deal with this stuff that you are perceiving. You can ignore it, declare that its not yours or you could ask a question.

Ignoring whatever is going on

If you ignore it, you may well feel that you’re really fucked up, that you’re incapable of anything, you may be depressed or you may have so much going on in your head that you have no space for you. How does that sound? Been there, done that. It wasn’t pleasant at all.

Declaring that its not yours

If you declare that its not yours, you may feel at peace for a while but it is still there. You still feel all that stuff that is not yours, you have merely pushed it aside for it to come up again later. But you still have to deal with it. You affirm again and again that its not yours or not your reality, but the stuff still comes up. In effect, its as if you’re fighting it, trying to beat it down. But it is to no avail, as how to beat down something that is never ending? Well, you can’t, it continues on and on.

Ask a question

If you ask a question – an actual question not a statement with a question mark attached – then you can begin to have freedom from it all. When you ask a question, it opens up new possibilities and allows to have awareness as to what is actually occurring. Does that sound cool or does it sound like an impossibility? Either way, it doesn’t matter. This is how it works. How to gain awareness about the weather? You ask a question. How do you gain awareness about who to vote for at the upcoming election? You ask a question. How do you gain awareness about whether that girl you like will go out with you? You ask a question. So, then, is it also possible that you could ask a question and gain awareness whether a particular thought, feeling, emotion or pain is yours? Well, yes, of course it is.

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What is the question?

I’m glad you asked. There are actually two variations of the question. It doesn’t matter which one you choose to use. The questions are, “who does this belong to?” and “is this mine?”

Ok, you’re having that monkey occur in your head where thoughts are flying around everywhere. Your mind is just rocketing forth with heaps and heaps of thoughts. What do you do? You can use the crazy phrase. If that doesn’t work, what can you do? You can find out whether it belongs to you. You just repeat, “who does this belong to?” Ok, you may not get an immediate awareness as to whether it belongs to you but it’ll get easier. It’s like building a muscle, the more you use the bigger it gets. In this case, the muscle is gaining awareness as to whether something actually belongs to you. Keep going, don’t stop. Ask, “who does this belong to?”, “who does this belong to?”, “who does this belong to?”, “who does this belong to?”… Sooner or later, you’ll gain the awareness as to whether those thoughts belong to you. You then return them to sender. More on that later.

So, you’re angry and feel like beating the crap out of someone. Really, is that what you’d choose? Or would you choose to gain the awareness as to whether it is yours? Ask, ‘who does this belong to?” Again, keep going and you’ll get the awareness. Return to sender. You then have choice as to whether you’d really like to beat the crap out of someone as those emotions were never yours in the first place. Someone else, somewhere else is angry and wishes to beat the crap out of someone. You’re merely perceiving it in the universe and are making it yours.

Or you’re depressed and you opt to take anti-depressants but the feelings never go away. You try diets, you try different drugs, you stay off alcohol but it never really goes away. Is it yours in the first place or are you perceiving it in other people’s universes? Likely to perceiving it in other people’s universes. Ask, “who does this belong to?”, repeatedly. You’ll start to feel better, you’ll start to feel lighter and may over time you’ll gain enough awareness that you can have a different choice. Return to sender.

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Your body’s in pain and you take panadol to dull it. It works but a short time later, another pain appears and another and another. Is that pain yours or are you perceiving it in other people’s universes? Yes, even body pain is not necessarily yours. You’re an infinite being capable of perceiving anything. Your body acts as a barometer for what’s going on in other people’s bodies. If your body is in pain, is it giving you an awareness that someone else’s body is in pain? Possibly. Ask, “who does this belong to?”, repeatedly. Return to sender.

One thing that Gary Douglas says is, “just because it’s intense does not mean that it is yours.” This means even if the stuff that you’re experiencing, whether it be the monkey mind, intense rage, extreme depression or excruciating pain, does not mean that it is yours. You may be perceiving that in lots of people’s universes. Ask, “who does this belong to?”, repeatedly.

Return to Sender

I’ve been stating in this post, “return to sender.” After gaining the awareness that the thought, feeling, emotion or pain is not yours, you can then ask that it return to sender. Easy? Yes. Now, go for it.

In Summary

This is how ninety eight percent of all of the thoughts, feelings, emotions and pain are not yours. Use the tool or not, your choice. Have fun!

Now, what I wish to know is who is the bastard that all of this belongs to? Nah, just kidding…

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