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LIVE on MON 6 PM ET/5CT/4MT/3PT, TUES 8 AM Australian EST

My amazing friend, Liam Phillips, and I are now hosting a radio show on called “Gentlemen, Relationships, Choice.” 

Join Us Live Online

You can join us online by going to our page on, selecting a program under “Upcoming Shows” and filling in the “I Will Attend” sign-up box. You’ll be sent reminders about the show and will be able to join us LIVE on the show.

The Gentlemen, Relationships, Choice radio show will be held weekly on Tuesday, 8am Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Time City / Timezone
10:00am (Tue) Auckland
8:00am (Tue) Canberra / Sydney
7:30am (Tue) Adelaide
6:00am (Tue) Perth
6:00pm (Mon) ET
5:00pm (Mon) CT
4:00pm (Mon) MT
3:00pm (Mon) PT


If you can’t make it live, the radio show will repeated during the week and you’ll be able to subscribe to the Show’s podcasts in iTunes.

Radio Show Description

If you were no longer living a life of obligation and duty, what would you choose? What if being a gentleman wasn’t what you thought it was? What if being a gentleman was vastly different to what the world teaches? Every man can be a FINE GENTLEMAN. Get ready to listen to find out how you, as a man, can be a gentleman and you, as woman, can find the gentleman of your dreams! What does it really mean to be a gentleman? Is it about opening doors for a lady? Or is it something so totally different that it invites others to a different possibility?

The two fine gents, Liam Phillips and Andrew Rigg, with their skills, experience and awareness invite men to the possibility of being the gentleman they truly be and women to be all they can be to receive their man.

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