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A Symphony of Possibilities (SOP) session is a mix of energy work and body work, depending on what the practitioner has learnt. Having said this, it is not limited to that either as it is also something that strongly involves following the energy to create the change that the client requires.

Access Consciousness® is a lot about following the energy, changing the energy and asking for new energies to show up. An SOP session pulls it all together into something totally new & different. It can include the Bars, body processes, verbal processing, body manipulative techniques (like massage or chiropractic, if the practitioner knows them) and any other technique that the practitioner is aware of.

Andrew’s experience is that a lot of it is done “off the body.” He touches the body gently wherever and whenever it is required. Sometimes there is some light massage or some minor manipulative techniques.

Phenomenance of Money Telecall Series  -  MP3 + PDF DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Things commonly asked for by clients are money issues, receiving issues, stepping into more, and getting over a problem.

SOP sessions can be done in-person, over the phone or via Skype.

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Finding the Greatness of You Telecall Series  -  MP3 + PDF DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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