Hi Andrew
After seeing you three times i can feel and see changes in myself and understand what Access Consciousness® is about. I am so grateful that you were recommended to me and can’t thank you enough for your services. Andrew you put me at ease and the trust was there from the beginning, helping me move forward with much needed changes in my life. Anyone thinking about seeing you should just do it; it’s like finding a pot of gold. Truly thankful, Pam Riley

Pamela Riley

Helped me to calm down very quickly

When I arrived to have my session, I was extremely upset. I had a headache from crying so much. Andrew helped me to calm down very quickly. He gave me some tips to handle the issues I was upset about and assisted me to see them in a different light. This session was priceless. I cannot recommend a session more strongly. Andrew is a marvel!

Alex Nicol
Western Australia

Awesome Facilitator

Thanking Andrew Rigg greatly for his awesomeness in facilitating me today.

You too can enjoy the benefits of Andrew unclogging your backlog of stuff & in return gaining lightness with fresh flowing new energies & the ability in choosing what works for you going forward.

Andrew is a gifted facilitator with many years experience (nationally & internationally) with great depth of knowledge & professional practice.

Anyone seeking a fresh change & uplifting in their ways Andrew is totally recommended.

Michael McSpadden
Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia

If you desire change, then Andrew can definitely help you with that….

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Andrew for a couple of years and am so grateful to do so. He always strikes me as being one of the kindness, gentle people I’ve ever met. However, don’t let that gentleness fool you – he’s a potent bugger too! And he’s also willing to be as intense as is required to help you cut through the crap.

Andrew has a really fun, easy, and engaging style of facilitation that puts you at ease, whilst getting straight to the point.

If you are looking for support, clarity, and truly changing your life, I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Alun Jones
London, UK

Outstanding Result

I went into a session with Andrew in a very mentally stressed and physically painful state.
On completion of Andrew running my bars I felt completely calm and pain free.
I was completely amazed at how immediate the results were and how great I felt.
I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone who is in need of healing any aspect of their life.

Jason Godwin
Canberra, Australia

I walked away much lighter, more aware of myself

I would like to thank you greatly for your help…I walked away much lighter, more aware of myself, more aware of my choices and more grateful.

After recently having a 4 year relationship end…and not really understanding what had gone wrong and why … and not coping very well with thoughts and emotions….I asked Andrew if he could help… he said yes I can.

Andrew helped me to see what it was I had been doing for years and how those choices were detrimental to myself. He helped me understand myself and he helped me understand how deserving I actually am.

He does it in a funny, calming and understanding easy way.

Mark E.
NSW, Australia

It was fast! It was fun!

Liam Phillips

Have you ever read those testimonials that sound like they have been copied from the back of cornflakes packet? Dry, dull, and you wonder if they are really true? This ain’t a testimonial like that cause my session with Andrew was not like that. It was fast! It was fun! We laughed a lot and he was totally unreasonable! And that is a good thing as he would not buy any of my pathetic reasons for being small or less than. He spoke to me from such a space of kindness and caring and the willingness to do whatever it takes to get me to a space where I could choose for ME!!! What I could actually start to see the real me not all that crud I thought was me. If you don’t want change, don’t see Andrew. If you do, get on the phone right now before you even finish reading this and make a commitment to change that shit in your life and create what you know is possible for you!!! Thanks Andy, you rocked my world.

Liam Phillips
The World

Awesome consciousness facilitator

I attended three classes that Andrew facilitated. I found Andrew to be amazing facilitator and the classes were a game changer for me. The facilitation helped me push through limitations and gave me awareness around what I could create. I would recommend Andrew for a session anytime as I also felt cared for and heard, I felt major changes have occurred in my life as a result of the sessions I had.

Lisa Dzaja

Out of the wrongness of Abuse. Finally!

I had the pleasure to create an online tele-series with Andrew Rigg called Free From Abuse. Our target was to empower people out of wrongness in relation to abuse. All forms of abuse. One day part way through the series Andrew & I were ‘debriefing’ and he asked me: “So what actually occurred in your life – what’s your ‘story’?” (Many moons ago I had been in a DV situation – for many years.) Fast forward 20+ years of unpacking, processing, years of therapy & owning up to my part of the creation of this, I had let that area of my life go and moved on. So I thought.

When Andrew asked me that question, he asked with so much ‘space, allowance & benevolence’ I was truly ‘invited’ to speak it out in words and for that all to be received with zero judgment, no projection it allowed me to access a new level of vulnerability & intimacy with myself to listen to myself in all of my awareness. To have a facilitator like Andrew just ‘being’ with me in that way, was a huge gift in claiming & owning that kindness & caring that I be, that I had only ever seen as a wrongness previously.

What will it take to transform your wrongness into strongness?

Sharon Gibson
New Zealand


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