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Abuse Clearing Package

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Abuse Clearing Package


Three Abuse Hold sessions and two Bars sessions

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Abuse is rampant in this world. We use to get our way, to have power over others, to diminish ourselves and to lock ourselves away from greater possibilities. There are many forms of abuse beyond physical abuse including:

  • verbal abuse
  • emotional abuse
  • mental abuse
  • financial abuse
  • religious/spiritual abuse
  • workplace abuse
  • energetic abuse

  • professional (abuse by professionals)
  • substance abuse
  • intellectual abuse
  • educational abuse
  • and so, so many other types.


People use abuse as a way of getting things done, as a way of creating what they see as vital or essential and as a way of creating victims. 

This package is designed to allow you move on from the abuse that’s been locked into your body and mind. 

The packages comes with:

  • three Abuse Hold sessions
  • two Access Bars sessions

The Abuse Hold must be done in-person. 


To receive the Abuse Hold, you must have listened to the Original Clearing the Issues of Abuse audio 30 times prior to having the Abuse Hold session.


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