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Ultimate Depression Clearing Package

Ultimate Depression Clearing Package


Two Bars sessions, one Abuse Hold, three verbal processing sessions and one Symphony of Possibilities session


The only remedy that seems to be available for addressing depression is drugs. Sure, there are other treatments including psychology and counselling but these are of limited effect. What if there was another way of looking at it? What if the remedies of today are more designed to lock you into a perpetuality of dependence?

In the package, we look at the reasons why depression is showing up in your life, how it manifests for you and how it can be overcome. We do not promise a ‘cure’ but we do promise that you will much, much more awareness as to why and how it is showing up so that you can change it, with ease. Are you willing to take the plunge?

This package is similar to the Depression Clearing Package except that it includes the addition of one extra verbal facilitation/processing session and a Symphony of Possibilities session.

This package includes:

  • two Bars sessions,
  • one Abuse Hold,
  • three verbal processing sessions, and
  • one Symphony of Possibilities session.

The Abuse Hold must be done in-person. 


To receive the Abuse Hold, you must have listened to the Original Clearing the Issues of Abuse audio 30 times prior to having the Abuse Hold session.


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