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Ultimate Pregnancy Ease Package

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Ultimate Pregnancy Ease Package

From: $347

One Access Bars session and one MTVSS session per month


So, you’ve been knocked up and are now “up the duff” or “have a bun in the oven.” How does it get any better than this? The awesomeness that awaits you when this little person arrives is something to treasure. Desiring ease with your pregnancy and childbirth is something that most mothers value but few know how to obtain it.

Did you know that we lock into your body lots of past thoughts, feelings, emotions, considerations and judgements about everything, including the ease or difficulty with pregnancy and childbirth? What if you can stay relaxed and NOT anxious so that your baby can sense the ease and happiness while growing inside your body?

Similar to the Pregnancy Ease Package, this package offers even greater ease for you, your body and your baby.

When you receive the Access Bars, it creates a whole lot of ease within your body and being. All of these past pains, thoughts, feelings, emotions, considerations and judgments are released allowing you, your body and your baby to grow into the magical beings you truly be. 

With the addition of the wonderful MTVSS body process, your body releases even more past pains and begins to show in a totally new way. You get sick less often. You’re body is less affected by the worries of daily life and you have a new sense of joy and freedom with your body. The releasing of all of this allows your baby’s growing body to be created with that same joy and freedom.


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