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Anger Buster Package

///Anger Buster Package

Anger Buster Package


Two Bars sessions, one Abuse Hold and two verbal facilitation sessions

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Fuck this, fuck that. Rage builds inside like an incendiary bomb. When someone asks you a simple question, you react with a fury that, if not kept in check, can result in a gaol (jail) sentence. You get angry at the slightest thing, you devour anyone who questions you. Yes, I’ve had those times. The anger builds so much that it is becomes so destructive as to devastate even the strongest of opponents. 

In this package, we allow you to gently release the anger and show you a different way of operating. This isn’t managing the anger but showing you what it truly is and allowing you to choose differently. It’s a simple and dynamic approach to dealing with this issue.

This package includes:

  • two Bars sessions,
  • one Abuse Hold, and
  • two verbal facilitation sessions.

The Abuse Hold must be done in-person. 


To receive the Abuse Hold, you must have listened to the Original Clearing the Issues of Abuse audio 30 times prior to having the Abuse Hold session.


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