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Anxiety Clearing Package

/, Bars Sessions, Packages, Verbal Session/Anxiety Clearing Package

Anxiety Clearing Package


Two Bars sessions and one verbal facilitation session.

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When you’re out in a crowd, you can never remain calm. When you’re trying to get to sleep, it just doesn’t happen. When you’re presenting in front of a crowd, panic sets in. I get it. I used to suffer from anxiety all of the time. I stuttered from early childhood into adulthood. It wasn’t pleasant and only led to a diminishment of me. Over time I began to realise what was actually occurring and how to recover from that anxiety.

In this package, we will unravel the web of anxiety that occurs. We will provide tools that will you to get out of the anxiety in a very short time and to thrive in those situations were you once found fearful.

This package includes:

  • two Access Bars sessions, and
  • one verbal facilitation session.


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