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Migraine Relief Package

///Migraine Relief Package

Migraine Relief Package


Two Bars sessions, three body process sessions and one verbal facilitation session

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Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to control migraines or recover from migraines altogether? I have. It’s Andrew here and I used to suffer from migraines regularly. The strongest drug that I was put on was the one’s based on ergot alkaloids (eg. ergodryl). This would send me woozy for hours and I just had to sleep. A week later, the migraines reappeared. I hated taking the drugs but that’s all that was available at the time. After 10+ years using the Access Consciousness® tools, I have a migraine maybe once every six months and I can address it with simple pain killers, like aspirin, and not more intense drugs.

In this package, we’ll focus more on your body and how it reacts to stimulus around you. We’ll facilitate you to recognise the stimulus that trigger the migraines and then provide you with tools so that you can move through the migraine with ease.

The package includes:

  • two Access Bars sessions
  • three body process sessions, and
  • one verbal facilitation session


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