Yesterday, I was running up a slight incline and I felt what I thought was something falling on my leg. I looked back and noticed there was nothing there and began to run again. At that moment, I realised what had happened, something had snapped in my calf muscle. It hurt; it really hurt.

I began asking some questions, like “Who does this belong too?”, “What is this?”, “How did I create this?”, “Can I change this?”, and “How can I change this?”.

There was no one around so I had to continue doing what I was doing and got home about 30 minutes later. I could only hobble about with the intensity being very great indeed. Eri, my sweet lady, came home and immediately started working on it running various Access Consciousness® Body Processes, including MTVSS, Cellular Memory, Zero Sum of Trauma and others. Over the course of her treatments, the intensity in my leg began to ease.

I also posted on the Access Consciousness Australia Facebook Group for anyone to send any energies that they felt that I required. About 20 people responded – which is totally awesome – with some offering advice and questions to ask. As I went to bed, I asked any entities that facilitate consciousness to run whatever energies my body required in order to recover as quickly as possible.

At about 5:30am I woke up and felt like I was going to vomit. I didn’t. I remained awake and got out of bed about 7am. Upon rising, I noticed that the intensity in my leg was less than half of what it was yesterday. How cool is that? How does it get any better than that? What else is possible?

I’m having the day off work today to allow my leg to recover some more. Given that I’m having a speedy recovery from an injured leg, I should be ok tomorrow.

How did I get so lucky to have access to these awesome tools, awesome people and awesome energies.

Thank you to everyone that responded to my call. You’re all totally awesome!

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