We deal with points of view and have the opinion that your points of view create your reality. With that in mind, when a person is still looking for the right person to show up, there are points of view in place that are not allowing that person, who is right for you, to show up in your life.

Examples of some of these points of view and their possible effect are:

Point of View Possible Effect
All the good ones are taken Only those people that are “bad” will show up
When someone who is “good” for you shows up, you dismiss them
I’m too shy People would find it difficult to notice you
You will hide when someone shows up for you
It’s hard to start a relationship And so it will be. When you have this point of view, you’ll reinforce it by living it.
Men are pigs

These are the men that will show up

Women are bitches

These are the women that will show up
People only use me for sex And so they will. You will only attract people who are mainly interested in sex and not relationship.
I’m too choosy When someone does show, you’ll look for something in order to prove that this person is not right for you


With the tools and techniques we use, we facilitate our clients in removing these points of view so that something new can show up. What would it be like to not have limiting points of view such as these?

What people tend to do when starting a new relationship is essentially a sales pitch. You pitch to your prospective partner your likes and dislikes in the hope that s/he has some commonality. You weigh up your options, you seek advice from family and friends and maybe you’ll take the plunge and sign-up with this person.

When a relationship is viewed as something you can choose to have or not have, as you wish, it becomes easy. It becomes an addition to your life and not a distraction or burden. It can show up in a way that is just right for you.

If you’d like to know more and begin the process of allowing someone to show up for you that truly cares for you, nurtures you, is fun to be with for you, please use the contact form.

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