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Andrew Rigg

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Still Waiting For The Right Person To Show Up?

We deal with points of view and have the opinion that your points of view create your reality. With that in mind, when a person is still looking for the right person to show up, there are points of view in place that are not allowing that person, who is right for you, to [...]

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Andrew’s Relationship Story

My First Relationship During my life, I've had four major relationships with women. My first relationship was at high school when I was 18 year old and I got involved with a young woman. In the beginning, everything was great, we'd laugh and talk and generally have a great time together. However, I was [...]

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A New Possibility With Relationship

There is an element of relationship about everything. We see ourselves in relationship to everything in the universe, to our body, to our partner, to our children, to our house, to our work colleagues, to everything. There is nothing for which you do not have a relationship. Where are we at with relationship? All [...]

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