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Choice – the Key to Changing Everything

Choice is the key to changing everything. A tool only gets you so far as you still have to make a choice to change what is not working for you. You always have choice whether you realise it or not. There are also big choices and little choices to consider. What choice are you refusing to make that would change everything? Choose now!

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Can one hour change your life?

Book a Session Well, yes, of course it can. A whole myriad of things can occur in one hour from the good, the bad and the ugly. You could win the lottery, you could get an illness or your relationship could end. However, what I'm referring to here is something totally different. It's something [...]

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Happiness is just a Choice

Have you ever caught yourself thinking that you'll be happy when you get married? You'll be happy when your case is resolved? You'll be happy when you retire? You'll be happy when you win the lottery? If you are thinking any of these, or something similar, you are not choosing to be happy; you [...]

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What is an infinite being?

An infinite being has the ability to change anything, to create anything, to be anything, to know anything and to choose anything. You can change something that is not working for you into something that works for you. You can create anything and also uncreate anything. You can be anything at any given moment and not be limited by any preconceived ideas. You have the ability to know anything - by asking a question, you allow the universe to show you what is required. You can choose anything, including all the good, bad and ugly in your life. Your point of view creates your reality. You’re an infinite being limited only by your points of view.

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Demolecular Manifestation and Molecular Demanifestation

Book a Session Try saying that ten times in a row. A mouthful, eh? Anyway, this isn't about whether you can say some exotic tongue twister; it's about creating something new or uncreating something that shouldn't be there. What is Demolecular Manifestation and Molecular Demanifestation? Demolecular Manifestation and Molecular Demanifestation (DMMD) is an Access [...]

Bought Points of View

As a young kid, our parents were everything to us. They were our whole world. They taught us everything we knew, even from our very first day of this beautiful planet. We saw that there was absolutely no separation between us and our parents. Consequently, everything that our parents were, we duplicated by the [...]

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Trifold Sequencing Systems – Recover from Shock and Trauma with Ease

Book a Session Trifold Sequencing Systems (TFS) is an Access Consciousness® Body Process that is used to facilitate a person to recover from shock and emotional trauma. Like all the Access Body Processes, it is very gentle and requires only light touch, without pressure or manipulation of any kind. What can you use Trifold [...]

Cellular Memory – Undoing Physical Trauma on the Body

Book a Session Cellular Memory is an Access Consciousness® Body Process that is used to reverse the effects of physical trauma and scar tissue on the body. Like all the Access Body Processes, it is very gentle and requires only light touch, without pressure or manipulation of any kind. What can you use Cellular Memory [...]

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Creating a New Possibility with Your Body

I was sitting in the car with Eri tonight and asked her,"what else can we write about?" She wasn't sure at that time. An awareness popped into my head and I asked Eri another question, "do people actually get what creating a new possibility with your body actually means?" It was a clear NO [...]

Would an infinite being truly choose this?

One of the tools in Access Consciousness® is, "would an infinite being truly choose this? If not, then why am I?" This is actually one of the 10 commandments of Access. It's a tool that, when you choose to use it diligently, can change your entire life. You can apply the tool to any [...]