Have you ever read those testimonials that sound like they have been copied from the back of cornflakes packet? Dry, dull, and you wonder if they are really true? This ain’t a testimonial like that cause my session with Andrew was not like that. It was fast! It was fun! We laughed a lot and he was totally unreasonable! And that is a good thing as he would not buy any of my pathetic reasons for being small or less than. He spoke to me from such a space of kindness and caring and the willingness to do whatever it takes to get me to a space where I could choose for ME!!! What I could actually start to see the real me not all that crud I thought was me. If you don’t want change, don’t see Andrew. If you do, get on the phone right now before you even finish reading this and make a commitment to change that shit in your life and create what you know is possible for you!!! Thanks Andy, you rocked my world.

Liam Phillips
The World

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