I had the pleasure to create an online tele-series with Andrew Rigg called Free From Abuse. Our target was to empower people out of wrongness in relation to abuse. All forms of abuse. One day part way through the series Andrew & I were ‘debriefing’ and he asked me: “So what actually occurred in your life – what’s your ‘story’?” (Many moons ago I had been in a DV situation – for many years.) Fast forward 20+ years of unpacking, processing, years of therapy & owning up to my part of the creation of this, I had let that area of my life go and moved on. So I thought.

When Andrew asked me that question, he asked with so much ‘space, allowance & benevolence’ I was truly ‘invited’ to speak it out in words and for that all to be received with zero judgment, no projection it allowed me to access a new level of vulnerability & intimacy with myself to listen to myself in all of my awareness. To have a facilitator like Andrew just ‘being’ with me in that way, was a huge gift in claiming & owning that kindness & caring that I be, that I had only ever seen as a wrongness previously.

What will it take to transform your wrongness into strongness?

Sharon Gibson
New Zealand

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