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Trifold Sequencing Systems (TFS) is an Access Consciousness® Body Process that is used to facilitate a person to recover from shock and emotional trauma. Like all the Access Body Processes, it is very gentle and requires only light touch, without pressure or manipulation of any kind.

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What can you use Trifold Sequencing Systems for?

TFS is used when a person dates their life by a traumatic event. Specifically, when the event is traumatic, emotionally or not, or shocking the person locks in a physical complaint. From that time forward, s/he loops back to the event. If s/he talks obsessively about the event, they may be experiencing a Trifold Sequencing System.

If a person has lost a loved one, was in an accident, had a divorce or some other incident where they either date their life by it or talk obsessively about it, as if it happened yesterday, even though its been years may also be in a Trifold Sequencing System.

If the person talks obsessively about the event, whatever it may be, even though it happened 40 years ago but they talk as if it happened yesterday are stuck in a TFS. They can’t go beyond it; they have locked it in. All they require is a trigger to relive it to experience it all again.

People who are diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can benefit greatly from TFS.

Running Trifold Sequencing Systems

Trifold Sequencing Systems is just the name of the process. A person may be stuck in TFS. The process that is run on the person is also called TFS.

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My personal experience with Trifold Sequencing Systems

I used to date my life by the relationships I had had in the past. Eri would ask me something and I’d say, “ok, that was before [name] …” or “that was between [name1] and [name2], so …” This would happen time and time again. Eventually she pointed it out to me and I went “huh.” Having since had TFS run several times, this no longer occurs. I’m extremely grateful for Eri and her willingness to ask me to step up and get over it. She’s very cool indeed. How did I get so lucky to have her in my life?

On another note, there is someone close to me who requires TFS to be run as this person dates their life by events that have occurred. This person also loops back all the time to these events and lives it day by day. Unfortunately, I cannot do anything to assist as this person doesn’t wish to recover from the trauma. Oh well, may be another time.

With Ease?

The title of this post ends with the words “with ease.” Yes, you can recover from shock, trauma, or PTSD with ease. All it takes is the willingness to actually step up and be more than the events. I get it that the events you have experienced may have been extremely shocking or traumatic and I do not downgrade that at all. My target is to facilitate a new possibility for you so that you can have more, be more and move on from whatever it is that you’re experiencing.

Eri and I once presented to a PTSD group. Two people, out of the 40 or so that we presented too, took up our offer to have more in life. What we realised was that people are more interested in being part of a group than actually recovering from the trauma that they experienced. Again, this is not to downplay what you have experienced, it was just what we noticed.

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Free Audio

Below are some free audio associated with TFS:

You may also download these processes for your later use.

As always and to get the full benefit of these processes, we recommend having your Bars run by your local Bars Facilitator.

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