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I went on a guided walk a few weeks ago with my lady where the target was to view the native early spring flowers at a particular nature reserve. The people were friendly, the walk was nice, the day was lovely but everyone was so serious. Yes, it was great learning about the plants, how they grew, where they grew and so on but, for what reason, does this have to be so serious? Surely, some fun can be injected into it.

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Forms of Seriousness and Heaviness

Every culture, every society, every workplace, every religion, every family has its own forms of seriousness and heaviness, known in Access Consciousness® as specific gravities, that are intended to make you fit into that environment. These are the cultural norms, cultural façades, and cultural mores that every member of that community lives by. So, if you wish to be a part of that community, then you buy into all of this so that you can “feel right” in that community. Infinite beings may believe that they don’t have reality and, thus, buy into these specific gravities in order to belong to a reality.

The negative effect of buying into the specific gravities is that eliminates communion with yourself, your body and the people around you. People think that having these specific gravities brings them together. However, what happens when a person tries to leave that community? Often the community, rather than wishing them the best, tends to ostracise the person leaving. From this point of view, you have two choices: give up more and more of you, or be ostracised.

What if the specific gravities were not real in the first place? Would that create something different?

For what reason do people choose seriousness and heaviness?

To fit into this reality, of course. This reality is based on seriousness and heaviness. This is what makes it seem real. The universe is whispering to us all the time but due to the fact that we make something more real because it is heavy and serious, we listen to that. What if listening to the whispers of the universe were the one thing that would allow you to create the reality that you would like?

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How to undo the seriousness and heaviness of this reality?

Again, the brilliant founders Access Consciousness®, Gary Douglas and Dain Heer, have discovered a body process, known as “Elimination & Eradication of Specific Gravities,” that assists in undoing all of the heaviness and seriousness of this reality so that we can have choice as to how we would like our life, living and reality to be and to create greater communion with ourselves, our body and those that we care about.

Imagine being free of everything that you have bought into from your culture, your religion, your family, your workplace and your society. What would that create for you? Would it allow you to create your life? This does not mean in any way that you have to give up your family, religion, culture or whatever. It just means that you have choice as to what works for you rather than buying into it totally.

Say, you belong to a cultural group, and you like aspects A, B and C. But you don’t like aspects X, Y and Z. With having the specific gravities, your only choice is to resist and react to X, Y and Z. After having the EESG body process run and, thus, without the specific gravities, you have choice about X, Y and Z. How does it get any better than that? You could have fun with X, Y or Z and you wouldn’t have a point of view about it.

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