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Wondering why we ask all these questions in Access Consciousness®? Confused by what it all means? Well, let me decipher it all for you. Perhaps one day – today? – you’ll see the value of asking questions and not seeking an answer.

Another of the basic concepts of Access Consciousness® is to be the question. Basically, what this means is that regardless of what is occurring, regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in, regardless of the trauma and drama of life, you can always ask a question to change it for you.

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To make any change in life, all you have to do is to ask a question. You’d like a raise at work. You ask a question. You’d like sex. You ask a question. You’d like some advice of what tree to plant where. You ask a question. You like more information about a loan you’re considering. You ask a question. You’re interested in that beautiful young woman in the bar. You approach and … ask a question.

Everything starts to become available when you ask a question

In reality, everything that you have ever desired in life starts to become available if you ask a question.

Asking a question allows the universe to begin to show you what is actually possible. It allows the energy, space and consciousness to begin to shift so that your desire can begin to show up. Now it does not mean that the thing that you desire will show up immediately. It is never in your time frame. The universe may have to make some massive shifts for your desire to show up. So please be patient. If the thing that you desire does not show up immediately does not mean that what you desire is not possible, it merely means that the universe may still be in the midst of re-arranging things for you. Patience.

If you don’t have any expectations as to when or how it shows up, then it doesn’t matter when or how it shows up. Consequently, then it could show up earlier than you expect.

Seeking an Answer

When the thing that you desire does not show up in your time frame, the tendency of people is to seeking out an answer as to why it is not showing up. When you do this, you immediately eliminate the universe’s capacity to allow the thing you desire to show up for you. Now, all is not lost. All you need to do in this instance is to ask another question. How does it get any better than that?

As an aside, a lot of people say they have the answer. Places that come to mind are religion, politics, work, medicine and a whole myriad of other places. Having, or seeking, the answer immediately displaces the universe’s capacity to contribute to you. In effect, what has occurred is that you have judged that your answer is correct and that judgment alone destroys any further possibility. If another possibility does arise it is only through a lot of effort and hard work. It is not ease.

Religion always states that it has the answer to your life’s problems. Their point of view is that if you only believe in that, then will your life work. Unfortunately, I’ve seen too many people get caught in religion or spirituality as it was sold to them as the answer to their life only to find out that it’s not, myself included.

An Illustrative Example

You’re walking down a forest track which represents your life but your not happy about where that track is leading. The track is littered with the usual stuff that you’ve had all of your life. You get to a point in the track where enough is enough. You ask a question. Suddenly, you see a new track. You’re not sure whether to head down this new track as although you’re not happy about the current track of your life, you’re used to it and you know how to handle it. You consider your options and you cautiously choose to begin walking down the new track. At first, the new track is overgrown and it can feel like you’re having to hack your way through the overgrowth with nail clippers. Over time and with asking more questions, you notice that your nail clippers have changed into a machete. Asking more questions, you notice that the machete has turned into a chainsaw. Asking more questions, you notice that the path is now smooth albeit a little narrow. Asking more questions, the path is now wide and expansive. Sometimes, the new track can be a wide highway!

What has occurred here is that you have allowed a new possibility to arise by asking questions. Asking questions always opens up new possibilities. Having an answer always closes the possibilities.

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Two Types of Questions

There are two basic types of questions:

1. with a conclusion attached; and
2. without a conclusion attached.

A question with a conclusion attached is not actually a question. It’s an answer. Say, for example, you ask a question like, “why can’t I meet someone who’s good for me?” With this question, you have concluded that you only meet people who are bad for you. Not really the best question to ask. By asking this question, you eliminate the universe’s capacity that contribute to you.

A question without a conclusion attached allows for a possibility to arise and is an actual question. Say, for example, you ask a question like, “who can I meet today that will contribute to my life?” This question is totally open and allows the universe to present someone to you who will actually contribute to your life. It doesn’t have to be someone you actually like. It can be anyone who can contribute to you. The contribution could be an awareness, money, love, joy or something else.

More than the Mundane

But, what if your desire was far more than the mundane? What if you desired a change that is not considered possible in this reality? Well, what you do here is ask a question. You could ask something like, “what is required to create this possibility?” or “what question can I ask that would allow [fill in the blank] to show up with total ease?”

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You see, you can ask a question that leads to another question. The actual number of questions that you can ask is infinite. However, there’s no need to get overwhelmed by that. All it means is that there is no limit to what you can ask for. The universe will do all it can to contribute to you so that you can have the life you truly desire. How does it get any better than that?

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